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Version 121.0

Release date

4th March 2019


Now including information on licence entitlements as well as endorsements on the licence check admin screens.

Improvements to the vehicle MOT and Tax check grid to make the information more clear.

Email notifications added to advise when licence check and DVLA vehicle check credits are running low.

Updates to the credit usage log to make the information clearer, including filters.

Filters now available on the Driving licence eConsent grid to sort the information displayed.

Introducing driver risking based on endorsements, age, time driving and whether or not the driver has ever been disqualified.

Introducing email notifications when a user uploads a document to the system.

Tax/MOT and driver licence checks are being moved onto a credit based system rather than cash.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where adding a document could result in a different document being removed from the users required document list.

Fixed issue where insurance documents were listed as required even though the vehicle in question was excluded from drivercare checks.

Fixed inconsistencies on the display and entry of vehicle registration numbers - now exclusively uppercase.

Fixed issue with the vehicle check status (was saying pending instead of failed).

Fixed issue where insurance documents were still being generated as required even if the vehicle in question was excluded from checks.

Fixed spelling mistake on licence endorsements screen.

Fixed issue with auto check switch for DriverCare, default is now fixed and a global default switch is now available.

Fixed rogue letter 'a' showing when adding or approving General document types.

Fixed various issues on the eConsent request grid making it more clear when mails have been sent.

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